La Socarrada Beer



Gastronomic beer made with rosemary and rosemary honey. Triple malt, double fermentation, without added gas, without filtering or pasteurized. Beer that continues to ripen inside the bottle and with residual yeast in the bottom of the bottle necessary for its evolution. 
content : 6º Temperature of consumption: 7-8ºC
IBUS: 23


We work with these formats in both the HORECA and the Gran Consumo channels. 
Format 33 cl
Format 75 cl
Disposable 30-liter barrels.

Tasting Note

Remember a Bockbier-style beer, without the smell of alcohol. Remarkable freshness There is also a very discreet touch of wood, possibly due to the yeast. It is very evident and dominates the whole profile of rosemary with its smells of toasted bread and wet bread crust. In the third tasting, notes of cherry, caramel, pear and black pepper appear. Discreet bitterness. Just and correct effervescence. Remarkable persistence of the profile of toasted malts in the sweet slope. Slow and persistent return of dryness. Beer of very high quality with a profile of malt very careful and therefore well achieved. Very interesting in "hot" tasting and nice "fresh" tasting. Balanced although the profile of rosemary is the most important.
Pairings: Hams, pates, vegetables, pork, grilled meats and very tasty fish. A dish that is perfectly paired with it is a coca of figs and foie, rice of all kinds, in addition to the Valencian paella with its aromas of rosemary.



wensleydale cheese.jpg

Wensleydale with Cranberries

Wensleydale with Cranberries is a hand-made Yorkshire cheese that is sold fresh & young at only three weeks old. The cheese has a sweet flavor of the fruity succulence of juicy cranberries with honeyed undertones.

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Smithfield Ham

The flavor of southern hospitality. America's original artisan ham can only be cured within the Smithfield town limits (as decreed by law)! And the traditional handcrafting process has never changed – resulting in a superior lean ham, rich in color and robust in flavor. 

Copper & King American Brandy

copper & King.jpg

A blend of superb exclusively copper pot-distilled brandy with real character and depth of flavor mingled in a unique, modern American style. Small batch distillation of superior, highly aromatic wine selected for exceptional quality.


Dogfish Pennsylvania Tuxedo

A spruce-infused pale ale, Pennsylvania Tuxedo pays homage to the flannel-suited hunters and gatherers who dwell deep in the backcountry of north-central PA.

Brewed in collaboration with family-run outdoor clothing company Woolrich, Pennsylvania Tuxedo is a sessionable concoction with a grassy citrus kick complemented by the resinous conifer notes of fresh green spruce tips. We went into the forests of north-central Pennsylvania and Georgetown, Del., to pick these fresh tips ourselves.

A dry yet doughy malt backbone lets the hops and spruce shine while still balancing out the bitterness, making this one an easy sipper.



Gaffel Kölsch

The classic Gaffel Koelsch is a particularly fresh speciality beer from Cologne, brewed according to a time-honoured family recipe and the German Purity Law of 1516 with water, malt, hops, and hops extract.

The delicately bitter, pleasant, slightly hopsy taste is characteristic for this traditional product and clearly distinguishes Gaffel Koelsch from all other Koelsch brands.


Single Vineyard Reserva Vina Lanciano Rioja

Deep brilliant black cherry-red color. Intense aromas of black and red fruits with balsamic and spicy notes. Tasty, wide and very harmonic.

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French Ham

Jambon de Bayonne is a dry cured or smoked ham that may or may not be further cured in red wine and given its name from the region in which it originates. Both are sometimes identified as French Jambon ham.


Morbier Cheese

Morbier is a semi-soft cows' milk cheese of France named after the small village of Morbier in Franche-Comté. It is ivory colored, soft and slightly elastic, and is immediately recognizable by the thin black layer separating it horizontally in the middle. It has a rind that is yellowish, moist, and leathery.

Traditionally, the cheese consists of a layer of morning milk and a layer of evening milk. When making Comté (cheese), cheesemakers would end the day with leftover curd that was not enough for an entire cheese. Thus, they would press the remaining evening curd into a mold, and spread ash over it to protect it overnight. The following morning, the cheese would be topped up with morning milk. The aroma of Morbier is strong, but the flavor is rich and creamy, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.