Whiskey Tasting: Twin Valley Distillery

Join Us, Friday, April 13, 4-7pm
4855 Mass Ave. NW (Delicatessen)



The “good old days are back” for this old line state of Maryland. The onset of Spring 2014 marked the arrival of the first distillery to operate in Montgomery County since the ending of Prohibition. Twin Valley Distillers  opened its doors in Rockville on East Gude Drive. This historic feat is much to the pride of its owner and founder, Edgardo Zuniga. Zuniga a retired chef, over the long course of his career became interested in in pairing fine sprits with food. This led to an interest in alcohol production and after leaving the culinary arts he turned this passion into a business, thus Twin Valley Distillers was born. Offering up varieties of premium vodkas, rums and whiskeys, we are truly MARYLAND AUTHENTIC.