Shrub District Cocktail Vinegars: Made in DC

The perfect stocking stuffers for the cocktail enthusiasts on your list!

Why “shrub?”

Before refrigeration, farmers used vinegar to preserve excess fruit during harvest. Wait a bit, then add some sugar and you’ve got “shrub.” Like the word alcohol itself, the term “shrub” originated in the Middle East. It’s an old art and we’re bringing it back and into the bar.

Shrub District cocktail vinegars are the purest expression of fruit you can find. From nose to lingering finish, our flavors capture the season in a bottle. Why? Because we use only  fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices. Shrub District Cocktail Vinegars (aka “shrubs”) are proudly #MadeinDC.


Pure, unadulterated grapefruit flavor in a bottle. We use the juice, the pith, and the peel from organic grapefruits to give you layer-on-layer of delicious citrus. Kicking off with a hit of fruit, this shrub is tart and not-too-sweet as you sip. It finishes with a soft bitterness that lingers on the tongue and cuts through any cocktail. Trust me, you’ll know it’s there.

JUST GRAPEFRUIT pairs well with gin, Tequila, and Bourbon. Try it in the Move over Tonic, as a Grapefruit Old Fashioned, or in the Perfect Paloma. Embrace the bitter, brighten your spirits!



(8 oz) Don’s Old Fashioned is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Make the classic cocktail in under 10 seconds. Non-alcoholic. Makes 16 to 24 drinks


This is your go-to bar mix. Perfect for Margaritas, Daiquiris, Mojitos, Gimlets, Whiskey Sours, you name it. It also makes a great Punch base. If you need sour, reach for Shrub District LIME.

We capture that pure lime essence in the bottle. In fact, we think it’s actually more lime than lime. Why? Because we juice only whole fresh organic limes, pull out the essential oils from their peels, and balance everything perfectly between sour and sweet. This is your one step cocktail mixer.



CRANBERRY JUNIPER, our Winter Seasonal, offers the perfect balance of tart cranberries and aromatic juniper. This shrub is full of firm tannins and body from the cranberries’ natural pectin. The classic flavor screams “holidays.” Our cranberries come from the finest bogs in New Jersey. We’re laying down what we can to get us through the cold winter months ahead. Like the holidays, this flavor won’t be around for long.

Pick up a bottle of CRANBERRY JUNIPER and make an incredible Cosmopolitan. Or, if you’re a whiskey drinker, pair with ginger ale or ginger beer for a holiday highball like no other.