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Duck with Foie Gras + Sauterne Wine

This incredible sausage takes the luxurious flavor of duck then is sweetened with a sauterne wine and finished with buttery foie gras.

Smoked Duck with Apple Jack Brandy

With the flavors of Apple Jack Brandy compliments a smoked duck sausage combined with chicken, pork, beef, and bacon.

Elk with Apples, Pears + Port Wine

The deeply rich flavor of Northern American elk is greatly increased with orchard fruits and port wine.

Pheasant with Cognac

In this delicious sausage, the Cognac gives depth and richness while select herbs with hints of mace compliment the pheasant.

Rabbit with White Wine

This extraordinary sausage combines the delicate flavor of rabbit, chicken, pork, and bacon with earthy herbs such as tarragon, oregano, fennel with just the right amount of white wine and dijon mustard flavoring to compliment.

Venison with Blueberries

A fabulous blend of Merlot wine, blueberries, and select herbs compliments the richness of Canadian red deer.

Wild Boar with Cranberries

This outstanding wild boar sausage is blended perfectly with hints of nutmeg, cloves, and marjoram. Cranberries provide a sweet-tart flavor.