Light turbidity - a sign of traditional home stiff drink. Fragrant, warming and certainly made of natural ingredients. That is the way we have made a new home stiff drink.



This stiff drink is a direct successor of a famous Ukrainian khrinovukha, which presence was a sine qua non at every Ukrainian celebration. Perfectly balanced bouquet of spices and strictly controlled term of aging add winy zest to this stiff drink.



Garlic is a special ingredient in Ukrainian cuisine, so it is clear why four hundred years ago the Ukrainians decided to infuse stiff drink with garlic. Having studied dozens of recipes of such tinctures (“nastoianka”) we have created a homemade stiff drink with garlic.



For this stiff drink we distill spirits only once to save the sweetness of Ukrainian rye. We borrowed the main secret of softness and lightness of this vodka from our ancestors’ ancient recipes stiff drinks.

Whiskey Tasting: Twin Valley Distillery

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The “good old days are back” for this old line state of Maryland. The onset of Spring 2014 marked the arrival of the first distillery to operate in Montgomery County since the ending of Prohibition. Twin Valley Distillers  opened its doors in Rockville on East Gude Drive. This historic feat is much to the pride of its owner and founder, Edgardo Zuniga. Zuniga a retired chef, over the long course of his career became interested in in pairing fine sprits with food. This led to an interest in alcohol production and after leaving the culinary arts he turned this passion into a business, thus Twin Valley Distillers was born. Offering up varieties of premium vodkas, rums and whiskeys, we are truly MARYLAND AUTHENTIC.

Old Westminister Winery: Raw Rosé




Mouthwatering rosé blend of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, and Petit Verdot. 100% Maryland grown. Fermented with wild yeast & canned without fining or filtering.

Canned craft wines are becoming an important part of Maryland’s Old Westminster Winery, which puts out high-end, natural expressions. The winery released a pilot run of canned wine in November 2017 that included Carbonic, a Cabernet Franc made with carbonic maceration; Farmer Fizz, a sparkling Chardonnay; and Seeds & Skins, a skin-fermented Pinot Gris. All three wines were fermented with wild yeast and canned without fining or filtering.
Old Westminster co-owner and vigneron Drew Baker—who runs the winery with his sisters, Ashli Johnson and Lisa Hinton—acknowledges that while they’re certainly not the first to put wine into cans, their natural wine niche has opened up a new avenue for the category. “We didn’t find much of what already existed in the canned wine space particularly interesting,” Baker says. “So what we did was take the exact same product that’s true to our regional, no-makeup wine philosophy, and put it into a mobile package. Our first 500-case run sold out in a month, so we said ‘Okay, we need to keep going, there’s definitely something here.’” Old Westminster plans to produce around 2,000 cases of canned wine in 2018 in seasonal installments of wholly new and unique wines.
~ MARKET WATCH MAGAZINE, Canned Wine Comes Into Its Own

SPRING BEER: Move over Winter ...

With the warmer weather in sight, it's time to stock up on refreshing beers that sing the flavors of Spring.

Try these delicious choices:



Style   Saison

ABV     5.2%

Grain Bill
Two Row, Pale, Munich, Red Wheat & Carapils

Citra, Centennials, & Cascades

Flavor Profile
Bright & refreshing with subtle citrus notes and a touch of tartness from the lemon peel and hops.

Food Pairing
If it comes off the grill, it pairs perfectly. Also goes well with the beach, family reunions, and everything else that makes Summer great!


Gose Brewed with Blood Orange and Himalayan Pink Salt

Light bodied and effervescent; slightly sour and a touch saline; sweet orange aromas up front followed by faint notes of berry. Atlas’ Blood Orange Gose makes for a beautifully refreshing summer beer. Just enough sourness to quench your thirst on a DC hot summer day. The salinity will keep you coming back for more while the low ABV makes sure you don’t regret it in the morning.


STRAWBERRY RHUBARB SOUR ALE is a gift for the senses. Strawberry is the yin to rhubarb’s yang—the sweet to the tart. This beautiful partnership creates a beer that glows ruby in the glass, bursts with strawberry aroma, and bites with every sip. Bright and effervescent, this sour is a fun and refreshing, lip-puckering treat perfect for every occasion, any time of the year.

ABV: 6.2%  |  AVAILABLE: Year Round  |  SIZES: 22oz.

FOOD PAIRINGS:Fried chicken and biscuits with jalapeno cilantro sauce, Goat cheese drizzled with honey, pink pepper, & thyme, walnut plum tart with mascarpone.


We opted for a light lager brewed with grapefruit and passionfruit to create this refreshing, very low (4.5%) ABV offering. Slightly sweet and slightly tart with a crisp dry finish, this beer is a perfect starting point for any holdouts who have been waiting for the right beverage to get them into craft beer. For the seasoned experts, Summer Rental is begging for the cocktail treatment. Start by adding a shot of a boldy botanical gin for a quick and delicious gin radler.


Tovana Old Vine Garnacha: BUY 2 GET 1 FREE



Tovana Garnacha is a darker wine, more maroon/brown then red with a hot, spicy nose. Smells of fermented berries, with flavors of chocolate and a dry finish.


Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk Swiss cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg (13 lb). It is most commonly used for melting. It is also a Swiss dish (also popular in France) based on heating the cheese and scraping off the melted part.

Offer available March 30 - April 5, 2018 at both New Mexico Ave and Mass Ave Markets. Not to be combined with any other special and/or reward.



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Ireland’s first craft distillery gives you a whole new style of Irish whiskey. A single grain whiskey, aged first in American Bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks.

This single grain will blast the cobwebs off the Irish whiskey category. A new and unique style of light and floral whiskey distilled in a Coffey still (like whiskey, another great Irish invention!) from a mash bill of Irish malted barley and corn. It spends three and a half years in American oak first-fill Bourbon barrels before being finished for six months in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. The Bourbon barrels impart deep, robust chocolate and caramel notes, while the Oloroso casks lighten the palate with fruitier notes and touches of nutty tones. With both barrels being oak, you get that beautiful vanilla thread you’d expect to run through an Irish whiskey. Both barrels are porous too, allowing Ireland’s temperate, maritime air through to make its impression.


The nose is slight but undoubtedly rich with dark fruit; cherry, raisin, fig (with Christmas pudding notes on the nose for those lucky enough to know what that is) along with floral lemongrass and a touch of nutmeg.

The taste is sweet and creamy on the palate, with butterscotch, honey and peppercorn bringing along sweet Bourbon Cask notes with dried fruit returning through notes of maraschino cherries and a pinch of brown sugar.

The finish has lingering notes of ginger spices with a faint glimmer of almond to end a complex Irish Whiskey from start to finish.




Nana's Rose 2017

This dry French style Rose is a refreshing selection. Aromas of rose oil and grapefruit accent flavors of guava, strawberry and citrus. Grape skins contact at cold temperatures for only two days give this wine it’s pale salmon color.

Meritage 2014

A wine comprised of only our best barrels and only of  the five Bordeaux noble varietals. Full bodied and complex with a balanced tannin structure. Aged 10 months in American Oak with complex, integrated flavors of brambleberry, cherry, and liquorice.

Content: 29% Merlot, 26%  Petit Verdot, 24% Cabernet Franc, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon

Comté Cheese

Flavorful Comté Cheese: fruity, nutty, salty, savory, smokey, sweet!


Comté is a French cheese produced in the Jura Massif region of Eastern France. The unpasteurised cow's milk used is mainly from Montbeliarde Cattle or French simmental (or cross breeds of the two). This hard mountain cheese is matured to perfection in the silence and darkness of special caves where the cheese gets its unique taste, texture and colour. There are several maturing cellars in the region where Comté is ripened for a minimum of 4 months to 18 or 24 months. A few times, Comté gets its name from the cellar where it has ripened such as Comté Fort Saint-Antoine.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk

  • Country of origin: France

  • Region: Jura Massif

  • Type: semi-hard, artisan

  • Fat content: 45%

  • Texture: dense, firm, grainy, open, smooth and supple

  • Rind: natural

  • Colour: pale yellow

  • Flavour: fruity, nutty, salty, savory, smokey, sweet

  • Aroma: nutty

  • Vegetarian: no

  • Producers: Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd, Entremont, FROMAGERIES ARNAUD, President Cheese

  • Alternative spellings: Comté, Comte Fort Saint Antoine, Comté extra


Cherry Ale: National Cherry Blossom Festival

A thirst quenching ale

The official beer of the National Cherry Blossom Festival! Originally brewed as a thirst quenching beverage for farmers planting crops, today the farmhouse ale is a sign that spring has arrived. The saison yeast adds herbal and spice notes that are a perfect complement to the sweetness of the ripe cherry that is added to this brew during fermentation. The bubbly effervescence, pink hue, silky mouthfeel and dry finish welcome spring to the Nation’s Capital.


Wathen's Kentucky Bourbon



Deep russet and fairly dark in color, this is a rich looking bourbon.


Strong notes of vanilla and oak dominate the nose with an earthy quality underlying it.  there are hints of bubblegum and circus peanuts that I often find in recent Heaven Hill products that may give a clue as to the provenance of the distillate.


This is where is gets a little disappointing.  It starts off well enough with cinnamon and vanilla hitting the front of the palate, but that quickly gives way to a very astringent alcohol flavor that speaks of a barrel picked far too soon to be bottled.  It’s that “not quite aged, but not quite white dog” sensation that seems to numb the tongue with licorice and ethanol.


The ethanol notes continues, unfortunately, but some oak and tannins re-enter near the tail end of this medium-to-long finish.


I know quite a few people who enjoy Wathen’s, usually when paired with a cigar.  And maybe that’s the appropriate format here, as the tobacco would compliment the earthy notes on the nose and perhaps deaden the alcohol a bit.  Not one to admit defeat, I splashed this with water and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  The alcohol was deadened nearly completely with only a small splash, and the oak notes were amplified.  In addition, the nose was changed entirely.  Gone were the sweet circus peanuts and caramel, and in its place was a spicy citrus orange and lemon zest- almost nose hair prickling.

Read the full review: Modern Thirst