Through Pam the Butcher’s cooking classes or demonstrations, cooking with friends and family is so much fun! Pam will work with you to hand select the best dishes to prepare during your class or demonstration. Cooking with Pam is not only about the ingredients, cooking methods and utensils; it is about how foods are sourced, where they originated and the art of pairing. Through Pam the Butcher’s cooking sessions, you will learn, share and enjoy amazing foods and good cheer.

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Pam is no stranger to the stage. She has won numerous awards including Cochon 555 where she competed against butchers in custom cutlery. She prepares feasts for small private in-home parties where she is at center stage, explaining her cooking while answering questions. She is a people person, full of great wit and knowledge. Oh, and it should be told, she is a lot of fun at parties.

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